A box of treasures

Gill Morgan’s gorgeous collection of 1920’s vintage outfits. A box filled with stunning dresses, little tops, hats, and other hair accessories. It is impossible, without seeing these first hand, to appreciate the true delicacy and beauty of these garments. It breaks my heart when you look at the 21st century, one of a fast fashion and throwaway culture, you just can’t compare it to these vintage pieces. The beading is amazing, the detail impeccable. The heaviness of the garments is unbelievable as they are on such fine sheers; however it’s the beads that make it so heavy, not like beading now a days. I find Gill’s collection really inspirational and it makes me want to revive the passion for clothing and attention to detail that our ancestors had, one that I feel has been sucked out of today’s fashion world.

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