Inspire me

The brief: A collection of fronts to be taken to Paris, exhibited at premier vision's Indigo.

I found the Ironwork room in the V&A extremely striking and a room which allowed my creativity to flow, stimulating me with lots of exciting ideas for the brief. The work is very architectural and I was imagining garment edges shaped in similar ways to the wrought iron.

Photos I took in the V&A's Ironwork room


WOW!! - was my first impression of this exhibition, The colours; the concept; this way of communicating design is fresh & innovative.

My favourite parts of the exhibition was seeing the Balenciaga jacket; the detail is gorgeous with such fine lace, the type of garment that you have to see first hand, photos just don't do it justice. The Frieze by Nick Knight & Gareth Pugh was another part of the exhibition that I really connected with. The Frieze is raw, luminous & Metallic photography. Its so energetic, its like he has captured a childs dream. Nick Knight has reached a new levels of genuineness with this piece. I LOVE HIM!!

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,

snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,

silver white winters that melt into springs,

these are a few of my favorite things.

Lauren LOVES..........

Laura Laine

STUNNING breathtaking HAUNTINGLY beautiful IMAGINATIVE memorable ALLURING enchanting SEDUCTIVE captivating

One of my favourite illustrators, Laura Laine continues to inspire me...........

I love how she captures movement in her illustrations, she makes the figures alive and tells a story with the way she draws their bodies.

The combination of tonal drawing and colour works particularly well, it alows the garment design to stand out and overall as an illustration it creates an interesting contrast.

Lauren LOVES................

Jewellery & Vintage

I have boxes and boxes full of jewellery that I have collected over a long period of time. From costume jewellery to vintage pieces I love the variation within each piece I collect. I find the details realy inspirational, and love using my jewellery to style my clothes.

Danielle SPECKER... Historic costume talk

Having the opportunity to see firsthand such historic beautiful garments was extremely exciting. It was incredible to understand that the fine fabrics start to deconstruct and decompose due to the treatments that was done on them when they were made.

The beading, embroidery and vintage lace were particularly inspiring to me. It reminded me of the detail and perfection that was so important in the 18th century and it left me thinking how the fast fashion culture of the 21st century has destroyed the historical beauty vision.

1900's jacket, with appliqued blue silk

The lace applique on this fabric is really

1920's pleated knickers, extremely delicate and fragile

1920's beaded dress on silk

Lauren LOVES..........

Brett Weston Photographs

Vintage White Sands, 1947

Cracked Paint, 1955

His photography delivers such a sharp and abstract approach to capturing his subject. The strong contrast between the black and white makes these photos very powerful and endearing.