Styling Ideas

I have been collecting various styling ideas for the photo shoot of my dress. I have been considering different possibilities for the look of the shoot. My initial thoughts was to have the make completely over the top, pulling out the bright colours from the dress and using them on the models face. The images bellow show these ideas.

I think these looks are beautiful. They are over the top and dramatic, which relates perfectly to my collection. However I then considered whether or not this dramatic look would be the best idea; the dress is over the top and dramatic, so would I want the make up like this to? I then considered my initial starting influences for this collection, and thought about my initial muse; Mary Antoinette, and how porcelain her look is. The make-up is far softer and doll like, something that i felt would work particularly well with my dress.

Soft make-up, porcelain skin, with statement eyes

The image bellow is my favourite look out of all of these. I particularly love the dramatic eyes contrasted against the paleness of her face.

My Photoshoot

These are the images photographer David Lam took. I love the close up photo where you can see the jewellery and beading in great detail. The necklace looks as if it is growing out of the dress and the print is brought to life. The make up done by Mac is absolutely beautiful. The statement eyes are very power full and captivating. The dramatic make-up for the eyes reflect the powerful colours of the dress.

This full length shot really highlights the dress as an overall statement piece.

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