My prints have evolved and become far more striking. I have designed a collection of 17 shift dresses which I will then use to select 12 from and send them to the digital printers. The collection is called Goddess.

A marriage between the old and new, the modern goddess. Draped in pearls and ornate jewels this collection explores the relationship between clothing and jewellery. The tromp l’oeil prints combine elements of vintage jewellery contrasted with shiny new pieces. Up cycling old jewellery in an innovative way to make it look glamorous and beautiful, giving it a new life.

The collection initially developed from the creation of beautiful over the top neckpieces which have been formed through a series of vintage brooches, chains and pearls. The print is juxtaposed with intricate embellishment; pearls, jewels and beading are used to bring this digital collection to life.

The digital collection is energetic through colour; pastels sorbet tones are contrasted with injections of fuchsia, lime green and cyan. Delicate beading is used to embellish the surface and intensify the colours of the print. The surface of the jewellery has been affected to compliment the print through the use of painted techniques.

I printed out my print ideas and placed them on a mannequin to gain some kind of visual idea of how they would look on the figure. This allowed me to identify that some of the placements needed moving.

Using printed fabric samples, I have draped pearls over the top to bring the print to life.

I have worked back into this digital print, lifting the colour with sequins and heavy beading. Using a mixture of beads and sequins enchances the fabric with different surface textures.

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