INDIGO- Digital Print collection

A collection of 10 energetic digitally printed fronts, which have been inspired by my own jewellery collection and the details of sequins .This collection, is electric and bold, aimed at the mid market for women who are not afraid to wear a bold print and style it in their own individual way. The collection identifies a passion for jewellery, and celebrates the beauty and detail of particular vintage pieces that I have collected. With zoomed in areas and exaggerated proportions, the true details can be appreciated.

This collection developed from the first collection, in relation to the sequins and beading. I found the close up details of the sequins really interesting espescially the amazing colours. I began changing the proportions of photographs I had taken and enlarging pictures of the sequins to the extent where you could not tell what it was anymore. The images became more like animal skin, or fish skin rather than a sequin.

I then began photographing some of my jewellery and realised the potential this had. My collection is so vast that I could have so many different possibilities which was exciting. Using photoshop, I was able to change the colours and scale.

Photo's of my jewellery collection, zoomed in and manipulated

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