Modern Goddess
She walks in beauty

A marriage between modernity and tradition, the modern goddess. This will be a romantic collection of 6-8 dresses, delicate and feminine with elements of heavy embroidery and intricate embellishment. The collection is for spring summer and the mood will be soft and elegant. It will incorporate various themes such as fairy tales, fantasy, bridal wear and goddess worship. “Goddess- The classical mode” will inspire my designs with consideration to draping and ancient Greece. It will have Victorian details such as beading and lace, romantic colours and have a vintage feel to it.

Romance, Pastels, beading, heavy embellishment
Inspiration wall


A page from my sketchbook, considering the colour palette, and looking into embellishment. I have been collecting a series of vintage brooch's for my collection and have drawn some of them which can be seen in the image below.

Looking at draping and goddess aspects.
I will be considering the way fabric hangs, and the difference between lightweight and heavy fabrics.


"Silver and pastel, It's the first time in my whole career I've done a collection without black or navy. There's not one gold button." - Karl Lagerfeld

I love Chanel's s/s 10 collection. The colour palette is soft and romantic. The jewellery and embroidery define the beauty and elegance of each piece. I have been looking at this collection in relation to my own, inspired by the finishing touches such as chiffon frills and frayed edges.

This romantic collection has aspects of draping, embellishment and frills. In some places, the embroideries looked like smashed glass or molten metal; in others, jewelry itself became part of the structure.
Sophia Kokosalaki

Designer Sophia Kokosalaki injects her Greek heritage in this collection, with aspects of pleating, draping, and a delicate palette of barely-there color.

Chiffon dresses, crinkled silk and draped netting gives the collection femininity with a sexy edge.

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