Holly Fulton

I really love Holly Fulton's new a/w10 collection that was shown this week at London fashion week . The garment shapes are simple, yet she uses this a blank canvas to inject colour and demonstrate fascinatingly bold prints. The geometric patterns shows her inspiration from architecture and buildings.

The simple shift shape of the dress allows the print to be shown in the best possible way. This is something that I must consider with my own prints, and establish which shape shows my prints the best way. My prints are fairly complex and busy therefore it seems most appropriate to design more simple garment shapes so that the print does not get lost in the design.

Fulton embroiders over her prints which is something that i will be doing in my final collection. I think this gives the garments an extra special edge to it.

I love the colours in this dress and how Fulton has highlighted the key parts of the print with embellishment.

I really like the colour palette of the collection, the pastel theme has been carried on from the spring summer 10 trend, and been combined with black and white to make the whole look much bolder and sharper, perfect for Autumn winter.

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