My final collection

I feel my final collection has progressed a lot in the last few weeks. I have been analysing all the research that I have collected and began experimenting with all the vintage jewellery I have been collecting over the last year. This has allowed me to begin developing samples and has led to print ideas.

Sketch book pages, showing the developmental stage of the project in relation to the colour story and drawings to be developed.

My collection can be defined as an extension of myself, it demonstrates my complete addiction and love for jewellery. I feel that with intricate embroidery and beading I can enhance the beauty of the jeweled prints and make the collection very special .

After creating initial print ideas it gave me the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses within each. I have been able to work on this and develop many more print ideas. I then began experimenting with the print on the mannequin to show what the print might look like on the female body.

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