Mary Kantrantzou

Mary Kantrantzou is a designer who has inspired me ever since she first debuted in 2009. I always look forward to her collections and her newest one has not failed to amaze me. I love the way Kantrantzou uses her prints to portray contours of the female body. I also really like how she combines her outfit with jewellery in every collection, something which I can particularly identify with.

Mary Kantrantzou's fall 10 colllection is a burst of energetic prints that have a geometic nature. The way Kantrantzou places the print is key to the success of her collection. I will have to consider the placement of my prints in order to make them successful.

Her prints are strong and dramatic, the colours are alive and energetic. She combines digital print with areas of embelishment and fabric details such as frills and ruffles. She does this with much softer fabrics such as chiffon, this contrasts with the hard print and softens the whole collection. This also gives the outfit a 3dimensional aspect rather than just being a print. I love this inovative idea of making the print come to life.

The closer details of this collection are really beautiful, in particular how Katrantzou uses the shapes of her digital prints to determine the shape of the garment.

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

Mary Katrantzou has just done a line for Topshop. And its certainly not for the faint hearted. She has taken her catwalk designs and transformed them into wearable commercial pieces. Her sculptural trompe l'oeil dresses featuring blown-up images of perfume bottles and jewels are now available for everyone to wear at an afordable price.

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