Feb 10

We took our collections to Paris, to exhibit at Indigo in Premier Vision. This was a great opportunity to understand how the industry works and also research for my final collection.
I visited the trimming section which was completely overwhelming but inspirational all the same.

The range of different beads, trimmings and embroidered pieces was amazing. It gave me a real vision into what I could achieve with my own collection. I also spent a lot of the time on a vintage stand, looking through boxes of sequined pieces, buttons and fastenings. I bought to pieces that I fell in love with, and will be looking to use them in my collection.

I also visited Versailles which was great because I have looked at Mary Antoinette for this collection therefore it was a great opportunity to look around where she once lived. Versailles was truly the most amazing and breathtaking building I have ever been in. Every aspect of the building was considered, from the floor right up to the ceiling.

The interior is completely over the top and dramatic but I love it. The whole place is saturated with Gold edging and borders. The ceilings in particular amazed me the most, the detail in the paintings is impeccable, and it makes me imagine how long it would have taken to paint.

I also visited several fabric stores by the Sacre-Coeur. Here I found some gorgeous embroidered lace that I will use in my collection.
I left Paris feeling very inspired and ready to get going with the collection.

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